Friday, September 6, 2013

Faire Time

Huzzah for a wonderful Renaissance Faire opening weekend!

We had a rather large group going to the faire this time and it was a blast!

It was supposed to be hot and possibly rain and I was still having serious costume blah from Costume College so I decided to go in a non-historical direction. I wore my leather corset, a modern peasant top and a 50s circle skirt for a retro Renaissance vibe. My friend Kat also purchased a leather corset from Brown Cow! We've decided that we need coordinating outfits with our corsets now.

At the faire, you never know what sorts of characters you are going to meet-including one mud show performer ready to pose with four lovely ladies!

Despite not being to excited about costuming this weekend, I'm so pumped for things to do now! I don't have a ton of sewing time (or funds!) this year, so I'm focusing on small, mostly stash projects. A lot of these projects were inspired by a wonderful class I took at Costume College on Lower/Middle Class Englishmen/women c. 1570-1580.

1. Reversible sleeves

One of the things that I learned in the class was that most sleeves were attached during this period and even if yours weren't, you'd be wearing them in public. Since sleeves were on my to do list last year, this should be a pretty easy project to finish.

2. Fur lined partlet

Here in Ohio, faire season is during that wonderful time of the year when it can be 90 and humid one weekend and 60 and windy the next. So I need some cold weather gear! 12 yds of polyester isn't as warm as you'd think.... Anyways, I knew that wool partlets were often worn over a dress like a sleeveless bolero and then I found some images of fur lined partlets so that's what I'm going to try. Especially since I just so happen to have some faux fur in my stash.

3. Warm Petticoat

Again with the chilly faire weekends! Instead of wearing jeans under my dress, I'd like a wool flannel petticoat. This one would have to be non-stash but I really do need one!

4. Apron

Aprons are another must for lowerclass women. Plus they are crazy easy to make and I think I have some leftover material from my shift that would work for this.

5. New coif/caul

 Coif made from an embroidered shirt! (source)

I've decided that I like this style of caul better so I might try making one of these.

6. Embroidered blackwork partlet

I think blackwork is so pretty! Here are some of the pieces that are inspiring me right now.

Embroidered partlet with ruff (source)

Embroidered black partlet (source)

I've been pondering doing some posts and videos on Elizabethan costuming things other than just finished costume posts. Is this something you guys would like to see? Any of the local-ish readers want posts specifically on the Ohio faire (where to shop/what to see/etc)?


  1. I love the retro-ren attire! You are looking so cute!

  2. I enjoy all your costuming and vintage sewing posts, and love history involve with rennassaince attire. And what a cute idea pairing vintage 50s with rennassaince!

  3. What a fun time! I love your outfit. Fits right in!

  4. You look like a proper 1950's Sleeping Beauty!

  5. Did you make your corset? You look so tiny in it! I'm with Peachy, you so do look like A Princess. I was thinking more Snow White. Too adorable!

    1. I did not make this corset. It's from Brown Cow Art. It's saddle grade leather and you need all kinds of fancy sewing machines and things to sew with this type of leather.

  6. How is retro Renaissance not it's own genre? It's flat out awesome and you wear it so well, dear gal. I say we get a movement going here to make it more popular, who's with me? :)

    ♥ Jessica

  7. Cute! I'm still sad I'm not getting to go this year. Oh well!

  8. Ooh, your outfit totally reminds me of Disney's Sleeping Beauty!

    (did that work?)

  9. you're too darned cute! you own that outfit like a boss!