Monday, September 9, 2013

HSF: Re-make, Re-use, Re-fashion (sort of)

This Historical Sew Fortnightly challenge was Re-make, Re-use, Re-fashion: Sew something that pays homage to the historical idea of re-using, re-making and re-fashioning.  Turn one thing into another.  Re-fit or re-fashion an old gown into something you would wear again.  Re-trim a hat for a new outfit, or re-shape a modern hat to be a historical hat.  Re-purpose the fabric from an old garment (your own or a commercial one) into a new garment.

I'm in serious Ren Faire mode so I whipped up a set of reversible, detachable sleeves for my Elizabethan kirtle.

Now, I had every intention of making them out of these 40s pants which are too large for me. They happen to be linen which was perfect. Alas, the legs were too narrow to fit the pattern by about an inch. I could have pieced them but decided not to. I had about 3/4 yd of the same fabric leftover in my stash so I used that instead. The inside of the sleeve is lined in the same linen/rayon fabric as the kirtle.

So while this isn't technically a re-make, re-use, re-fashion project, the challenge did motivate me to get a project done!

The Challenge: Re-make, Re-use, Re-fashion
Fabric: 3/4 yd brown linen, 3/4 yd red linen/rayon
Pattern: Self-drafted
Year: Elizabethan-ish
Notions: none
How historically accurate is it? fairly, I did machine sew them and the rayon content isn't period, but it's a basic sleeve so there's not much to mess up.
Hours to complete: 1-ish
First worn: Not yet, but hopefully to the Ohio Renaissance Festival this weekend
Total cost: $0 all leftovers from stash!

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  1. Very cool! You've got to love projects that don't call for any new expenses in order to complete them.

    ♥ Jessica