Monday, September 23, 2013

On My Sewing Table

I have been sewing a lot this month, but instead of working on one thing at a time, I have a couple of projects going on at the same time. So progress is occurring. It's just that nothing is finished yet.

Lightly boned hand sewn wool kirtle

So, I ordered some wool flannel online for a petticoat to wear under my Elizabethan court dress. But when it arrived, it just screamed that it needed to be a full kirtle. Then I got carried away and decided to hand sew the whole thing..... More on that later but so far so good.

Eyelets! I've sewn half (12) so far but still have 12 to do. They are not super pretty but I'm ok with that.

The skirt has a black guard made from some mystery stash fabric. I did a burn test which said it was some sort of animal based fabric (wool, alpaca, lama, etc) which makes sense since you can actually see hairs in the fabric.

Gold Bullion Pearl Embroidery

I've also been doing a lot of embroidery lately too. I'm trying to finish off this piece from a class at Costume College so I can make it into a muff. I've even got some rabbit fur to line it with.

50s Halloween Dress

Instead of doing a Halloween costume this year, I've decided to do a Halloween themed dress instead and here's my fabric. I'm keeping the pattern and final design under wraps for now but I'm super excited about this project!

What's on your sewing table right now?


  1. I love the eyelets on the kirtle. I have admit I had no idea what a kirtle was and google searched it and now I understand. I have seen them in all the middle age costumes but never knew what the name was. I have learned yet another new word! Can't wait to see the completed garment.

  2. I love the idea of a 50s halloween theme dress. Every year I pass through the halloween quilting cottons and ooh and aah but never made one. I'm a Ms. Frizzle at heart.

  3. Such a contrast with your projects. Your kirtle looks amazing .. Very impressed with the hand sewing

  4. I love the fabric you selected for your Halloween theme dress!!

    And my sewing table may look clean as I stashed a lot away prior to our vacation, but I know I'll come home to a mound of repairs, and my Comic Con costumes are next!