Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Asking for Questions

I want to do a Q&A video which means, of course, that I need questions! So please let me know what you want to know!


  1. Oh, how fun! I've been following your blog (and social media pages) for ages now and feel like I know you quite well thorough them, so it's a little hard to come up questions off the top of my head. That said though, these two sprang up after a few moments of thought.

    -If you could go back in time and spend a week in any year (ever), before returning to the present (and yes, you could bring anything you bought then back with you to 2015 :)), which would you pick and why?

    -What are some of the most rewarding things that you've had happen in your life thanks to your love of vintage.

    Can't wait to hear what others ask and see the video.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Thanks for asking! My first question would be:
    What tips do you have for posing, lighting, backgrounds to get great blog photos?
    My second question is a bit out of the box:
    Have you ever considered doing science lesson videos for older kids? I think there would be a huge audience for it, and you are a natural in front of the camera.

  3. Would you consider do another sew along? Basics with a vintage pattern or a knitting "sew along". I missed the first one you did. I have vintage patterns but I am afraid of messing them up.

  4. Ooh, one more:
    Where do you find the fab vintage photos you post?