Monday, June 29, 2015

Date Night

My hubby and I try to do date night at least once a week. Sometimes we go for a movie or a picnic on the beach or just a night in playing board and card games. This week, we went out to a new to us restaurant so I had the occasion to get dolled up.

I'm still loving my 1940s capsule wardrobe and have been wearing pieces from it quite regularly. This dress is my nice dress for spring and summer and I just love the great shade of green!

 I made it from Sense and Sensibility Swing Dress. It was quite a success story for me because I originally made this pattern way, way back in winter/spring 2011 and it didn't go over so well.

This one fits so much better but it still has limited range of motion in the arms so I like to wear it for everyday. And it gapes a bit at the neckline so I have to wear a cami under it. Alas, if I sewed it together where I wanted it to stay, I couldn't get my head through the head hole.

Anyways, back to the outfit. I accessorized with my Erstwilder cockatoo brooch. Then I pulled colors from it for the rest of my accessories-yellow gloves, black snood and white shoes.

I've been wearing snoods a lot lately. They are perfect for high humidity days when my hair just won't cooperate. I'd been out all afternoon, first at an outdoor event and then swimming to cool off after being outdoors. So my poor hair was just about done for the day.

All I can say is yay for air conditioning. It makes life so much better! Add that to the list of reasons why I'm glad I didn't live in the past before ac was prevalent.

 All in all, this outfit was perfect for a great night out finished off with an amazing bread pudding that I was going to photograph and share with you, but I completely forgot when it arrived. And the poor dessert didn't last too long after that.

Bread pudding is one of those odd desserts that I always have to get if I see it on the menu somewhere. That and creme brulee. Nom nom nom nom.

 What's your favorite dessert that is impossible to pass up?


  1. What a gorgeous dress. Fit and colour. I love everything about it. As much as I love creme brulee!

  2. Great green! I think the world needs a bit more green as this in fashion. The pin you've chosen really sends me! My favourite dessert is simply strawberry jam on beautiful scones with lashing of cream!!! (And not that nasty sweetened cream, I'm talking the real whipped up double cream! Oooh!

  3. I love this green color. Your dress is sooo fantastic. Absolut beautiful.
    I am working on my favourite dress :-)))
    Have a nice day

  4. This is lovely! I love the brooch and the color palette you created out of it. Green and yellow is such a great summer combo, in my opinion.
    I agree on the cream brulee front! I tried out a Peruvian restaurant recently and saw a fruit pudding made of purple corn... Obviously I had to try it. It was DELICIOUS. I think they even used the cob part, because it was chunks, not kernels. I'm still intrigued, but I'll eat it again either way, no matter what part of the corn stalk it is!

  5. Your dress is such a gorgeous green! And I love how you pulled the coordinating colors from your brooch!

    And my go to desert is totally chocolate cake.

    Carla, TinyAngryCrafts

  6. That is the perfect brooch for this dress! I love how the colours of the bird mingle so well with the green of the fabric behind them. Awesome styling!

    ♥ Jessica

  7. Here is what I do with a blouse or a dress that is cut to low for my taste. I wear a Neck Fancy By vinny and vernelle I adore it to bits! Plus I get complimented on it all the time from people thinking it was made onto my outfit.