Saturday, June 27, 2015

Blue Green

I've been wearing the same outfits over and over again lately so sometimes it is hard to decide what to show you on the blog. I've got good selection of easy basics that are perfect for the heat right now that I keep pulling out.

 The weather here in Florida is way more predictable than it ever was in Ohio. I don't even need to check the forecast anymore. It's been around 90 with a chance of rain in the afternoon/evening with no sign of change for quite a while.

I'm so not used to that! When it's 60 and cloudy and then 80 and sunny and then 75 and rainy etc it's so easy to vary your wardrobe because every day needs something different.

Oh, well. This is the sort of thing that can lead to wardrobe creativity. And I've been working on it.

For this outfit, I wore a blue swiss dot blouse. I love this blouse because the dots are too cute! And it's very light weight but opaque so I don't need a cami underneath it like I would with a white one.

And on the bottom, I'm wearing a 40s skirt in a green cotton/linen blend. It's rather wrinkly but I'd much rather be wrinkly and comfy in a natural fiber than wrinkle free and boiling in synthetics.

Since I went so basic with my clothes, I decided that I needed a hat to spice things up. Hats are perfect for spicing up a basic outfit. I've decided I really need to start wearing my hats again, even if it's just to the grocery store (which is what I did today).

My hair is in another one of those awkward grow out stages. It's too short for a gibson roll or low bun and it's much too humid for curls everyday so I've been wearing lots of snoods. Snoods and hat's weren't really meant to be worn together but sometimes you can make it work!

I've also been trying to wear more of my cute shoes since I don't have so many footwear restrictions as I did in Ohio but alas many of my cute shoes have flat, slick bottoms which I'm finding makes driving more difficult so I've been wearing these white shoes a lot.

Speaking of shoes and feet and things on the ground, the grass here is very different from the grass in Ohio. It's a crab grass and very tall and springy. So that's why my shoes are always hidden in the grass. The landscapers where actually mowing yesterday and it's still quite tall!

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  1. I love the blue and green together! :)

  2. Absolutely lovely! I adore green and blue together, sport that combo frequently, and never paid a speck of heed to the old saying about them not playing nicely together. Phish! As this outfit more than proves, that's just an old wive's tale!

    ♥ Jessica

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  4. Managed to remove my comment... anyway: LOVE the outfit! Need to start sewing my own 40s wardrobe... You're such an inspiration ♥

  5. You should try the shoe grippies! They're adhesive and give traction. I can't stand slippery heel soles and so I always get the grippies so I can walk like a normal human. :-P

    That blouse is absolutely darling. I love it!

    -- Tegan

  6. I always though that snoods were only worn without hats, but some of my recent magazine browsing suggested otherwise (like this one, 1940: I think they look great together! Maybe "hats and snoods should never be seen" is another one to break occasionally :P

    1. Thanks for the link! The hat snood combo isn't as popular as snood or hat alone but there's definitely some evidence for it. Plus I think it can look really cute!

  7. About shoes and driving... I hate driving in high heels which I do wear. So, I keep a pair of old ballerinas in my car and just switch shoes when I get in.