Saturday, June 20, 2015

Pins and Pin Curls

Recently, I got the urge to do a pin curl set. I haven't really done much pin curling since moving to Florida because between the wind and the humidity, curls don't really last that long. But this week, I was ready to try again.

And it turned out pretty good! I did a few things to help including a few extra hair products to help my curls stay in. I also hit my hair with the blow dryer to help dry my hair a bit before pin curling. High humidity lengthens the drying time so starting with drier hair insured that I wouldn't wake up with damp pin curls.

Admittedly, I didn't spend a lot of time outside. I can't imagine they would have lasted at an outdoor event but I did do chores around the house, go out for a lunch date with the hubby and run some errands before getting time to take outfit photos.

 Now that I know that my hair can do some pin curls, I may experiment with a better cut for them. My hair is not remotely the correct shape. It's a bob with almost no layers so the curls don't lay as prettily as they could.                                                                                                                                                                                                  

I have been growing it out to be able to do more up dos so I've been avoiding the salon. We'll see. I may try and hold out a bit longer.

I wore a comfy vintage day dress for a day of running around but since it was date day also, I dressed it up with some fun accessories. Of course, I'm wearing my trusty faux pearls but also a pair of Sparkle Lux earrings and an Erstwilder brooch.

I've admired Erstwilder brooches for a long time so I snagged a few in a recent Pin Up Girl Clothing sale since they've recently started carrying them. Erstwilder is an Australian company and not being able to find a lot of stockists in the US is one of the reasons it took me so long to buy one.

They are super cute! Most of their designs are animals like this sea horse although they do have some other designs. I also love that they use a lot of australian animals and flowers in their designs. Who doesn't love some Aussie critters?                

To tie in with the pink seahorse, I picked a pretty pink Red Apple Lipstick and a pair of pink Sparkle Lux earrings. The key to adding new colors to an outfit with accessories is wearing multiple accessories in the same color.

I had a ton of fun putting this outfit together. You can expect to see a bunch more Erstwilder pretties on the blog with the future. I've worn them quite a bit later but those outfits didn't make it on to the blog.

 Of course, it's hard not to love an outfit with a twirly skirt!


  1. This is such a pretty ensemble! I love, love, love your Erstwilder seahorse!!! Once Tony gets back from the States (or perhaps in a selfie or two before then, if I can't wait all summer), I'll have to photograph each of my first two Erstwilder pins that I just bought this spring as part of a couple outfit posts.

    Have a fantastic weekend,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. You look beautiful! And that brooch is just darling! Greetings from Italy

  3. Your hair looks lovely and that dress looks so comfy.

  4. You look fabulous! My sister has a few of the Erstwilder brooches that she will not allow anyone to touch.

  5. Your set looks really pretty! It's so hard to keep a good curl with any kind of heat and humidity, so I admire you for giving it such a good go. I think it turned out really well. I would love to know what products you use, I have very straight hair and it tends to fall flat really fast on a hot, damp day.

  6. Your light blue dress looks so nice and comfy. Great job on your curls. Living in a humid windy environment is awful to curls. From what I've learned from living in such an environment, using a lot of hair products weights down my thin hair. To keep my curls from falling flat.This is how I set my hair, If I am doing a wet set I'll set my hair with water from a travel size spray bottle and spray only on the ends of my hair. For heated sets I lightly spray my dry hair with tresemmes heat protectant.
    I also learned I can not use a brush to brush out my curls this will make my curls drop even quicker. I remember reading in a vintage hairstyling book and from watching black and white movies the ladies were not brushing out their curls they were combing out their sets. Since I already had a WIDE tooth comb and gently combed out my hair I noticed my curls lasted a whole lot longer.