Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fall Fabrics

So let's look at my current fall fabric selections!

Yummy grey and black houndstooth for the 1940s style suit.

A black, grey and blue wool blend for the 1950s style jumper.

And the brown twill for my circle skirt which I think I finally decided upon an embellishment for. I picked the easier (and coincidentally more period) option. Guess you'll have to wait and see what it is. The twill didn't photograph well on it's own, but this shot with my new scrapbooking paper turned out ok. I'm actually currently scrapbooking all of my me made pieces with some awesome 50s style paper.

And my latest Renaissance dress shopping haul. The clear plastic tubing is for the hoop skirt. The guy at Home Depot was a bit flustered when I told him I was going to use this for a dress. I also picked up some great glass pearls (not at Home Depot. lol) and some wire cutters. I'm so excited because my dress is almost to the wearable stage and then I can focus on the details and not stress because at least I'll have something to wear. For those of you in Ohio, I'm planning on going to the Ren Fest on pirates weekend so do stop me and say hi if you are there too. I'll be the one in the red dress. ;)

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