Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Today I tried out a new hair do! First go at fingerwaves. Yay!

My heavy side of my part came out a bit more like a Marcel wave rather than a fingerwave but it did stay in all day.

See-super wavey! It did flatten out to more of a 30s look by the end of the day. And I usually make my hair curlier than I want since it tends to flatten a lot during the day. Plus I had goggles on at work!

The back was kind of ehhh. I think I need to try a different setting pattern. The sides were pincurled in alternating rows (ie cw, ccw, cw, etc.) and the back I curled under with sponge rollers since it was too short.

My makeup is from Lauren Rennells vintage makeup book. Epp! My eyebrows look red. All of the eyebrow pencils I've been able to find are reddish brown. :(


  1. I think it turned out wonderfully! I've tried with my short hair, and can naver get it to do anything put stick out at bad angles. You've inspired me to give it another try!

  2. Pretty! And yay for goggles! ;) I wore a surgical mask and cap today. It doesn't do wonders for my hair... ;)

  3. You look so pretty & sweet,well done:)