Monday, August 15, 2011

Going German

Saturday evening, my husband and I hit the German Festival. I'm not German and I really am not that big a fan of German food (or really anything German), but at just $2 for parking, you really can't get any cheaper for Saturday night. Plus my husband was really up for trying some German beers.

Think I can pull off the blonde bar maid look? lol.

There were quite a few varieties of beer, but the planners seriously underestimated the number of people as they ran out of wine and one kind of beer by 7:30/8 pm. As I don't drink beer, I was pretty bummed that they ran out of wine, but I did sample a funnel cake and a strawberry banana smoothie.

They did have root beer on tap in these cute barrels too!

There was a stand with some great reprints of vintage magazine covers, ads and art work with some originals sprinkled throughout.

Needless to say, I spent quite a while browsing in this booth!

I picked up a reprint of this 1914 edition of The Designer. I just love these outfits! Ones I left behind included a darling 30s gal with puppies getting of a train (had they been cats, this one would have come home with me), a 1910s cover of Modern Priscilla with a gal in a bathing suit, and a 1918 painting of 6/7 gals in bathing suits on a rock. They mostly had things from 1900s-1930s which I'm assuming has something to do with copyright laws. I'm not sure what they were doing at the German Festival since only a few things were in German, but I'm glad they were there!

I tried a makeup look from Lauren Rennells makeup book. I've been really loving this book! It's chock full of information! I've also been experimenting with changing the shape of my brows with makeup. It's been semi successful. The makeup does tend to come off pretty easily and I don't have the best color to match my brows. I was amazed at how much your brows can change the look of your face!!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend too!


  1. wow, that looks like blast! My husband grew up in Germany (an army brat) so we eat German food and he drinks German beer all the time. I'll have to post some recipes of his favorite meals from Germany. They're so yummy and none of them involve greasy bratwurst! :P I love that first pic- very cute!! x

  2. hehehe these are adorable shots. I have some German in me and my husband does too (. . our last name is Tiedemann). . but we're both mainly Irish. hehe. I don't really know what German food tastes like. I don't think my husband and I would make good Germans, and therefore also terrible Irish people considering neither of us ever drinks at all. I never even tried. Your make up looks lovely as do you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. LOVE it! I speak german and spent a year living in Germany--so have a special fondness for Germany! Love the magazine cover!!!

  4. Hah, I think even a lot of Germans aren't too fond of "typical German food"... ;) Although Cheesy Spaetzle are one of my favorites. They need to be homemade, though...