Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fashion and Film: What Inspires Me

Yesterday, I happened upon Starz Inside: Fashion and Film on Netflix instant watch and it got me thinking about what films and tv shows inspire my wardrobe. And in no particular order, here they are:

1. Leap Year

I adore Amy Adams and this film is just darling! She is such a cute, girly, sophisticated style in this film. Plus you get to listen to sexy Irish accents. ;)

2. The Notebook

*sigh* How can you love the 40s and not love this movie?!?! This dress, in particular, is on my must make list!

3. Sabrina

Of course there had to be an Audrey flick on my list! I love both her before and after looks. She is so cute and innocent before and utterly chic and Parisian after! I want to go to Paris with every fiber of my being and I wish I could whisk away to Audrey's Paris. (And, for the record, I also adore the Harrison Ford version, but the fashion just can't compete.)

4. Pushing Daisies
How can you not love Chuck? A brunette with a cute retro style, a love of bold prints and great accessories and a qwirky personality. Please, somebody send me her closet! And let's not forget Olive and the Aunts!

5. Downton Abbey
I never thought I was an early 20th century gal but this series definitely changed my mind. Plus there are tons of different types of styles and aesthetics too. Three wealthy sisters with wildly different personalities plus their mom and grandma. The servants get to dress down sometimes too.

6. State Fair
I did a huge fashion post on this film already but it really has become the 40s fashion film for me. It's really shows off how normal people would dress. As much as we all love couture gowns, most of us don't have the income to go with it! So, just go and watch it. You won't be disappointed.

So what films and tv shows inspire your wardrobe? Have you ever recreated a look or made an inspired by look from cinema?


  1. Just yesterday I was watching Leap Year and thinking how cute Amy Adams looked in it! I will have to check out that Fashion and Film thing on Netflix, sounds interesting.

  2. I too am inspired by Pushing Daisies. I watched it when it was actually airing and every week I would make 1 or 2 sketches of Chuck's outfits for sewing inspiration before I even started wearing vintage. Downton Abbey is also a favorite of mine and made me rethink my opinion on early 20th C. clothing