Sunday, August 7, 2011

The one that started it all

So, I finally got around to photographing Pendrell #1 for you. It's really a darling little top. I do love this pattern a lot!

I picked up this darling little embroidered white fabric on the sale rack at Jo-Ann's for super cheap. I figured that my first Pendrell would be more of a working muslin but it turned out amazing! It's so comfy that I wore in an all day car ride to Maine back at the end of June. I enjoy wearing it with my Beinget or belted with jeans. It is also great for me since I can wear those multi-strand necklaces. I love the way they look but it's hard for me to wear them since one strand is always hanging awkwardly in my cleavage.

I also got a new bike this weekend. Yay! They actually had a couple of cute retro looking bikes at Walmart but they were only one speed and that wasn't going to happen since I live at the top of a hill. So I got a nice pale blue 21 speed. It's pretty awesome. And it's a girl bike so I can wear skirts on it! Woot! I always enjoy looking cute.

Hope you all had a nice weekend!


  1. YAY for pendrell blouses! I just finished my FIRST! And I love it sooo much!

  2. Cute blouse. This pendrell top is popular it might have to go on my to do list:)