Thursday, September 1, 2011

Stuff going on in September

Look a head to the rest of the month and it's a lot! So here's a round up of things you can expect to see on my blog this month. (The aka abbreviation corresponds to the tag for this event on my blog posts.)

I missed out on MMJune but I'm all geared up for Self-Stitched September! (aka SSS). I won't be posting outfits daily, but rather in groups every 3-4 days. If I'm a good blogger, there will be a picture of me in what I actually wore. If not, they'll be an old picture of whatever I wore.

'I, Stephanie Lynn, sign up as a participant of Self-Stitched-September. I endeavour to wear at least 1 handmade or refashioned item of clothing or accessory every day for the duration of September 2010'.

The Fall Essentials Sew-Along is going on too! (aka FESA) Hopefully this will help out with SSS!

In addition, I'm joining in Colette Patterns Fall Palette Challenge! (aka FPC) I think these two are going to work really well together. I already posted a fall palette and some sewing plans, but I'll do an updated post of FESA and FPC soon.

Casey's Circle Skirt Sew Along (aka CSSA) is also going on. Again, will fit in with FESA and FPC.

Yummy knitting! The Newbie and the Knitter knit along (aka NandK) is also just starting! I'm also planning on having some other knitting projects to go along with FESA and FPC.

Plus, the Renaissance festival starts this weekend! So I'll be finishing up my dress! I still have a lot of little details to finish up, like hemming and closures, and some fitting issues to address.


  1. Sheesh girl, This is quite a line up:) I too am joining the fall palette and fall essentials, still making my mood board..but will head over to Collettes to see yours.

    Enjoy the process:)

  2. wow, you have an awesome September planned! I can't wait to see all of your creations!

  3. What a whole lotta plans! :) I'm sitting out SSS this time around and I'm *still* wondering if I should try the knitalong... I guess I should finish my second ever sock first... ;)