Saturday, September 3, 2011

SSS and Shopping!

Here's a round up of the start of Self Stitched September.

Day 1: A Chic Work Ensemble

I teach general chemistry laboratory and have to be in appropriate lab apparel three days a week. I stuck with simple straight legged rtw jeans and my Sorbetto top.

Day 2: Feeling Hot Hot Hot

It was 90F this day and I was all about comfort after being in pants all day the day before. Pendrell blouse with rtw shorts. Alas, I wore a hole in the seat of these shorts and they have to be retired. :(

Day 3: Sewing and Shopping

It was hot again today and I was going to be sewing so no big poofy skirts for me. I wore a rtw top and bolero with my Wearing History Sailor shorts. Tres comfy for all of the hand sewing I had to do to finis up my Ren. dress. It is done though! Woot! Which means I can wear it when I go on Monday!

I also stopped by Jo-Ann's for yarn, some last minute Ren. dress supplies and fabric and patterns for my husband's costume. Last night he decided that he wanted to be a monk. So I'm whipping up a monk costume for him. He's not coming on Monday so I do have a few weeks to finish it. Of course, none of the big three had a monk costume pattern so I'm kind of throwing a few together and drafting some bits myself.

Yarn! I choose a bamboo wool blend in a lovely purple color called Twilight. It's not exactly the same shade as in my color palette but I loved it so I bought it.

Vogue patterns were on sale so I snatched up these two vintage hat patterns that I've been eyeing for a while. One's 40s and the other's 50s. Should be loads of fun!

The weather is supposed to cool off by Monday, which means I will be in a much better mood for knitting and fall sewing. Yay!


  1. I can't wait to see those hat patterns all sewn up, they look adorable! :]

  2. I can't believe I keep forgetting to put you on my blogroll. Shame on me. I am doing it now. Anyways, it is still hot where I live too! I wish we did me-made-October instead.
    I CANNOT wait to see your ren faire dress! I have that same bamboo ewe color and it is really pretty made up. Are you on Ravelry?

  3. @Lisette

    I am on Ravelry! There's not really anything on my page yet but I'll be updating it soon. I'm StarSpangledHeart over there and I spied your Ravelry name in Debi's interview so I'll pop over and friend you!

  4. Maybe I'll see you on Monday! (One of my friends works weekends and Monday is the only day she can go.) If I see you, I'll make sure to say hi. :)

  5. @Lindsey-Oh do say hi if you see me. :) I'll be in the giant red dress.

  6. I have never thought to make a hat - thanks for inspiring me! Lovely color palette too - I adore that show, and the clothes are so beautiful. Great start to September!

  7. Is that your yarn for the sweater knitalong? Pretty shade of blue!