Sunday, September 25, 2011

SSS and Slip ups

Day 22: Repeat

I wore my sorbetto again. I think this means I need to make another one!

Day 23: Fail

So I didn't wear anything me made today. On the other hand, I never got properly dressed or left the house. So that evens it out, right?

Day 24: Here comes the bride!

My husband is a wedding photographer (among other things) and I am the assistant photographer. We did a wedding this day and here's what I wore. I think I need to make a nice dress I can wear for weddings, especially if we are busier next summer!

Day 25: Yay fall!

I made this dress at the end of spring/beginning of summer during a freak cold spell and didn't get to wear it more than once. It's finally cool enough for me to wear it again! Woot!

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