Friday, September 30, 2011

My Economic Stimulus Plan

Pretty much all that's on the news is about how the economy needs to be fixed. (Well, that or pondering if Sarah Palin is actually for real not running for president even though she says she's not.) Today I hit the local mall with one of my good friends and did my part to stimulate the economy. So here's my economic stimulus plan from today.

1) Look good, feel good, be successful!

Ladies in the 40s armed themselves with red lipstick before going to work in the factories. And I'm a firm believer that looking good leads to confidence which makes you more successful. Plus, I can wear makeup even at work or in inclement weather!

There is a Sephora at this mall and, while I've browsed inside, it's taken until now for me to get over the sticker shock enough to buy anything. I picked up Kat Von D's Autograph liner and red lipstick. I also picked up a brow pencil, eye primer and a highlighter for $3 each.

2) Back to Basics

My favorite pair of khaki shorts bit the dust this summer but I found these great replacements at White House Black Market on sale. Seriously, if I could afford it, I'd only shop at this store. I have found some really great deals on pants there like $90 jeans for $30. I also got a great cardigan on sale from The Limited. Yummy!

3) Pay attention to the details

I love accessories! They are a great way to add that something extra! Earrings are a great way for me to add a bit of work appropriate style to my look. Coral was my favorite color discovery of the summer and I think raspberry is my great fall color discovery!

Have you been stimulating the economy lately?


  1. Good finds! I must have been on the same wavelength- I hit up the Kohl's sale for some much needed (and neglected) wardrobe basics :)

  2. Stimulating the economy is just a by product of doing something for myself to stave off the "summer is over" blues. I went on a bit of a shoes(2 pair), my first Collette pattern, and a box of Essie nail polish. All done on line, as our nearest mall is 5 hours away...yeah:(

    Glad to hear you had successful shoppies. Always fun:)