Monday, September 19, 2011

Renaissance Again

Yay for more Renaissance pictures.

So, the odd tree shadows didn't look nearly as bad while we were having pictures taken.

My husband is still terribly excited about his monk costume.
We did see Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. I loved her costume! The detail and amount of trimmings was unbelievable! Guess you get to be all snazy when you are the queen.

Aside from the guards (one of whom was were a rather large, awkward cod piece....), the queen was always accompanied by several ladies in waiting. They also had some rather snazy ensembles, but I only managed to get a shot of the backs. We didn't carry the camera around all day so that's about all of the pictures we got.

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  1. How fun! My husband and I are going this weekend and I cannot wait! I actually did my apparel design internship with the costumer for the festival. The large man you are refering to is quite funny!

  2. how nice!!! I really always love the outfits at Renaissance Faires but we stopped going to them because of how breasts fly out of wench outfits and the way visitors dress on top of that. . .and the midriff exposed gypsy girls. I just can't do it anymore even though I always loved going every year.