Tuesday, September 6, 2011

SSS: Playing Dress Up

Day 4: Pasta and Preaching

I wore my thrifted sheet Crepe dress to church and then out to dinner with some friends at Olive Garden. My family doesn't live super close so I love having holiday time with friends. I also did fingerwaves again. They are still a bit wavier than I'd like but I'm really trying to get them semi-reliable so I can do a tutorial.

Day 5: Historical Costuming

Hey, this counts as self-stitched too!

Day 6: Working the outerwear

It was a lovely fall day today so I broke out my chocolate coat today. I love this piece! It's such a statement piece and I can throw on jeans, any old shirt and a cute pair of shoes and be good to go.


  1. Holy smokes, I've not seen that chocolate coat. You look like you are Willy Wonka's very stylish wife! Is the patchwork printed like that?

  2. Yes, the fabric came like that. Those two prints were sitting next to each other and I just HAD to have them. I love fab odd ball prints and figured a coat was a great way to show them off without looking too strange. Here's the original post: http://star-spangledheart.blogspot.com/2011/03/life-is-like-box-of-chocolates-yummy.html

  3. Beautiful Crepe! :) Also: what a cool coat! Chocolate! :)