Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Graduate

So this isn't a UnFinished Object, but it's an UnBlogged object so I thought I'd give it a proper post. I made this back in April to wear to graduation but some how managed to get through the whole day without any pictures of my cute outfit. I just got ones in the ugly polyester sack they make you wear.

It was crazy windy so my hair a bit askew!

Fabric: 3.5 yds of peacock feather fabric on sale ($5/yd), 3.25 yds lining ($3/yd)
Pattern: Butterick 5557
Year: retro '55
Notions: zippers ($4), hook and eye (stash)
Time to complete: Can't remember
First worn: May 2011
Wear again? Yes. It does have some issues. The waistband on the matching pencil skirt is a bit snug. This was one of the last projects I did before discovering the wonders of FBA so the top fit is a bit odd, but it works and I like it.

Total cost: ~$30

I <3 this fabric!


  1. Peacock feather fabric is amazing. It will get you compliments like nothing else. Was yours from JoAnns too? It looks very familiar.
    The top is so flattering, it really highlights your hourglass figure.

  2. @Lisette

    It is from JoAnns. I got it at the beginning of the summer, I think.