Monday, September 12, 2011

Fashion and Film: The Help

Last night my husband begrudgingly took me to see The Help (2011). It was a good movie (even he said so by the end!) An emotional drama set in the early 60s, The Help tells the story of Eugenia "Skeeter" Phelan an aspiring writer who sets out to tell the stories of the African American maids in Jackson Mississippi. With all the forces of a deep routed hierarchical system against her, will she succeed in finding women brave enough to tell their stories? If so, can she find a publisher? If so, what will the cost be to Eugenia and the women in her book? Will it make any difference? But don't worry, there's heaps of comedy to lighten the mood!

Eugenia generally has a more casual wardrobe but she does wear an evening ensemble when the occasion calls for it.

Celia has an adorable fun wardrobe. What is cuter than a yellow romper wit white piping?

She also looks great in pink and frills.

Aibileen and Milly are usually shown in maid uniforms but these girls sure work it when they dress for church!

Hilly is the "evil" character. I do love a devious brunette! It's so anti-stereotypical. And this dress is just darling! As the head of the Jackson it-girl click, she has some fabulous ensembles. Doesn't this dress look like Colette Pattern's Chantilly dress with a couple bows attached?

Yummy! I think I may need to keep my eye out for a nice pink rose print!

Hilly's mom was one of my favorite characters. She is very hilarious and is a bit over the top.

There are tons more late 50s/early 60s style dresses in this film but I couldn't really find very many pictures of them. Guess you'll all just have to go out and watch it!


  1. I loved this movie. (And Hilly's Mom was my favorite character as well ;) They did a wonderful job with both the acting and the costuming!