Friday, May 18, 2012

Disney: Hollywood Studios

Saturday saw us back at Hollywood Studios for the whole day.

I went all rockabilly with my cherry circle skirt and Bettie bangs. Alas, I didn't have room in my suitcase for a crinoline but it was fun to wear anyways.

We saw loads of shows including Beauty and the Beast. Bell is probably my favorite princess! No surprise as she's a brunette who loves to read. ;)

There is also a cool car stunt show. Not really my thing but they do set a guy on fire.

The decor in this park is great for a vintage lover. Many of the shops have a fabulous art deco feel and the female shop workers even wear cute 30s style ensembles. Plus there were a few classic cars around.

See! 30s cuteness!

And I couldn't do this post without a Star Wars picture!

Today was the only day I braved the red lipstick. I found a new one before I left for the trip that lasts a lot longer. It does bleed a bit so lip liner is a must. Full review to come!