Monday, May 21, 2012

Some More Me-Made May '12

MMM'12 Day 17

Wearing History Sailor Playsuit skirt
rtw blouse

Day 18

No photo but I wore my floral circle skirt

Day 19

No photo but I wore my 30s Pendrell

Day 20

Alas, none of these photos came out because the camera got left on a funky setting. :(  This was a refashion that I made to wear at Disney but never wore. Guess I'll have to wear it again soon!

Day 21

Sorbetto blouse
rtw jeans

I'm totally loving the cuffed jeans and fun blouse look right now!

Leah and Rachel are settling in ok. They are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their new cage. The one we original one we bought looked so much bigger on the box! The new one is like 3x the size of this one and the old one is going to be converted into a sleeping/travel cage after the new one arrives (hopefully tomorrow!).

In other news, I've not been sewing much. I took in the waistband on two skirts and did some post-weight loss adjustments on two blouses but that's about it. I have been knitting like a fiend though! This is the back of my current wip. It's very relaxing plus I can knit and babysit the birds while they explore at the same time.


  1. How did I miss your 30s Pendrell last summer! I made one too. I love the Sorbetto and cuffed jeans outfit. :) And your WIP looks great, that pattern stitch is really neat!

  2. I really like the color and lace pattern of your WIP! Looks like it'll be a really fun top.

  3. Cute outfits! Leah and Rachel are beautiful! :)

  4. What perfect and adorable little angel feather babies!!!! I have two budgies myself who are spoiled rotten. They are just such wonderful little pets!!

    1. Mine certainly are on their way to being spoiled!

  5. I know you've been losing weight and the last pic shows it! Great Job!

  6. Cute! I have a skirt just like that. Unfortunately, mine's from Nordstrom's so I don't feel quite so proud. Great work.