Wednesday, May 16, 2012

MMM'12 Days 14-16 (but mostly birdies!)

So I did slack on the photos for days 14 and 15 but I did wear me made things both days.

MMM'12 Day 16

Today is an old favorite outfit from last summer. Me-made Wearing History sailor playsuit shorts with an rtw orange top and bolero. Perfect for settling in the newest members of the family.

A couple months ago, the husband and I learned that we could have fish, a hamster, or small birds in our apartments so we decided to look into getting a pet after vacation. On Monday, we decided to pop by a pet store and get an idea of how much birds cost and what kinds were available and we walked out with these two budgies (parakeets).

This one is Rachel and she's the more adventurous of the two.

And here's Leah. She's much more shy but I have a feeling she'll be a real sweetheart once she warms up to us. We named these lovely birds after the two sisters in the Bible. They both are still pretty shy as of right now but they were hand tamed in pet store before we got them so they are at least a bit used to people. I've been watching loads of budgie youtube videos and doing loads of research and it looks like they will be worth the effort to tame!


  1. AWW! so cute! i love birds. mine like to make noise when i play music, they love it!

  2. I love the short and the outfit but I love the new addition to your family even more!

  3. Haha, Rachel and Leah! If you ever get a male, would you name him Jacob?? LOL