Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Disney Day 4: Park Hoppers

The lines were crazy short during our first two days in the parks and we got crazy ahead of schedule and decided to take a day to bounce around the parks and take some pictures. We started out in Hollywood Studios, knocked out a couple of rides and got snapping.

Of course, Mickey was there to greet everyone!

This is one ride my husband rode alone! Last trip, he convinced me to try it but I chickened out at the end and had to look silly in front of all of the little kids in line. Dropping rides are just not my thing.

This 60s playsuit is Simplicity 5424. The pattern was a gift from Brittany of Va-Voom Vintage and I just had to make it up before vacation! 

Isn't it just darling! The fabric I used was an Asian print knit I thrifted so I did have to make some changes-namely adding a band underneath the bust (to keep the girls from escaping!) and making both pieces without closures (yay for streatchy knits!) Then I added some decorative frogs to keep with the Asian theme.

At Hollywood Studios, there are two movie sets-San Francisco and New York. I just adored this dress shop on the San Francisco street. There were some super cute 40s/50s illustrations in the window.

San Francisco!

The use of backdrops and perspective is straight out of the movies.

New York! New York! What a wonderful town!

They even had a pretend subway entrance that was really just stairs to nowhere.

Now this is my kind of hotel!

There's also a Honey, I Shrunk the Kids! playground. I'm a bit big for the playground now but I could still pose on the ant.

This is my husband's favorite park so he had a blast!

The great movie ride is housed in a replica of Grauman's Chinese Theater. It's pretty awesome and a must for any movie lover!

I feel like a star!

Then we popped back over to Epcot for some lunch (of course!) and more country exploring!

They have some pretty awesome fountains.

In the evening, it was back to the Magic Kingdom for some of our favorite rides one last time.

And we stayed up for the Wishes show! It was pretty amazing!


  1. I want to see Grauman's someday. I have to see Judy and Marilyn's stars!!

  2. I'm so jelous, of both the playsuit and your trip to disney!

  3. you look like a star! you are so awsome in your play suit and you look like you're really in new york and san francisco!