Thursday, May 17, 2012

Disney World: Animal Kingdom

Me-Made Colette Pattern's Macaron

 Animal Kingdom is so fun! It's very spread out and pretty for just walking around. Plus loads of animals!

 I made this bird dress especially to wear at Animal Kingdom! This pattern fit me quite well but it was rather short! I cut out the skirt as long as the largest size was and it's still on the shorter side. Also, the neck hole is a bit small so I think I'd do a center back zip instead of the side zip. I'm not much of a fan of side zips anyways.

 The safari is always fun. The expertly designed enclosures make you feel like you're on a safari though it's much safer. No need to worry about a rino attacking the jeep!

 We also saw a really neat bird show (which may have contributed to the post-vacation impulse bird buy)

 I think the skirt part of the dress still needs a bit of work in the fit area. I do fit into it but I think the shape was designed to have a bit more ease.

 Oh, but the back fits fabulously! Guess I'll just have to walk backwards everywhere!

Expedition Everest is the thrill ride of the park. You get to ride a coaster up this hill and perhaps encounter the Yeti!

By the end of the day I was quite tired. This park does not quite have as much to do in it as the other parks but it's very spread out. It's the newest park and a lot of thought was put into the layout. The atmosphere is amazing but it does sure require a lot of walking.


  1. Have fun!!! I love Epcot the best. Oh, your dress looks great!

  2. beutiful. I love your dress almost as much as the bald eagle!