Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Disney Day 3: Epcot

My favorite park at Disney World is Epcot! The countries are so much fun plus there's food, shopping and more food. Over the week, we ate in Mexico, Norway, China, France, and Italy and drank in Mexico, Italy, France, Germany, and the UK. It's so worth it to go back to Epcot for dinner as often as you can! My favorite ride, Soarin', is also in Epcot.

The World Showcase hosts eleven countries, Mexico, Norway, China, Morocco, Japan, Italy, US, Germany, France, UK, and Canada. It did rain while we were in a couple of countries, so no pictures, but this was way better than last trip when it got dark after just one country!

Blouse: Mexico bought on day 2
Skirt: me-made pirate beignet
Purse and Necklace- Charming Charlie

Each country had performers to give it that extra local flavor.

China is beautiful.

The gardens are absolutely beautiful!

Norway saw my husband posing with this viking!

Japan also had fabulous gardens!

Oh, I wish I could take care of plants!

Morocco was gorgeous! My husband said the bazaar felt just like the ones in Iraq and Qatar. Disney really does an excellent job of making you feel like you are in another country. Most of the people who work at the World Showcase are actually young people from that country who stay and work at Disney for a year.

This tiled fountain was just so gorgeous!

I meet a very nice Floridian Megan who was doing henna.

Pretty henna!

And she even posed in a picture for me. I found that I didn't get a lot of reaction from the other guests but I did have a lot of the staff members stop and compliment me on my outfits.

We were quite silly sometimes. But hey, it's Disney!

France! My favorite country! We had dinner there on Day 2 and it was fabulous! We also did a wine flight which included tastings in Germany, Italy and France. Oh, yummy!

The UK! It felt just like being there! And there was a darling garden here too!

We also road gobs of rides-Soarin', Mission: Space, Spaceship Earth, and many, many more! Epcot also had a lot of character meet and greets, but I'm going to put all of the characters in a post by themselves.


  1. Fun! Your outfit is darling.
    I had heard that they modeled "Spaceship Earth" on the Trylon and Perisphere concept from the 1939 World's Fair, as well as some of the other attractions.

  2. I haven't been to Epcot since the sixth grade and I'm super jealous of your trip. Love the top!

  3. Looks like you've been having such fun! Epcot is my favorite part of Disney World, too. :)

  4. That looks like so much fun! I love getting Henna done.

  5. Lovely blouse, and I bet you had a lot of fun in Epcot! My friend actually worked there for a year, wearing Dirndls in the Germany part.

  6. I agree with your husband, Moracco is really like being in the Middle East.

  7. THat blouse is amazing! I have to have one...but I'll have to make it, Mexico is not in my summer travel plans. :D