Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Make Many Dickeys...a Vintage Pattern

Hello Star Spangled Readers!  My name is Angie and I blog over at Quality Time. I was so excited when the very sweet Stephanie asked me to guest post for her here on her blog.  I love her videos so much!  And if it wasn't for her Downton Abby sewalong, I might have never caught the show!

I've been poring over my recent purchases of vintage sewing and pattern magazines looking for the perfect thing to scan and share with you all here. My own blog is more miscellaneous sewing adventures than vintage clothing adventures, but I do like to combine the two when I can.

This pattern I'm sharing is from a dressmaking booklet from the 1940s.  Some of the pages were missing, but luckily not this cute article about wearing a "dickey", or a "faux" shirt.  (Basically, a dickey is a partial bodice but usually a full collar, to wear under sweaters, cardigans or other garments).

I hope you enjoy the article! (note, it's a full-size scan so you should be able to save and print it!)

And here are full-size scans of the pattern!  Note how cute and wearable that little peter pan collar is too. It doesn't *have* to go on a dickey!  Use it on another favorite top or dress pattern if you wish.  Depending on how Stephanie has images configured on her blog, you can either right click and "view image" here, or click the image itself to see the full size to save to your computer.  Happy Sewing!

Thank you again Stephanie for inviting me to contribute this week.  I hope you're having a wonderful vacation!


  1. Dickeys are such an interesting concept, I've often wondered how popular they were! Seems like they would have been very helpful during wartime rationing, to quickly change the look of an outfit.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. very nice. Such an original post! i've always liked dickeys! Thanks