Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July Fabulousness

Last Friday was my church's annual fireworks event so I had to go all red, white and blue for the occasion!

I made this dress last year but it needed some work to make it fit again. I took two inches off of the back bodice piece and made a two inch inverted box pleat in the center back of the skirt. It's not really noticeable with the busy gingham print.

I accessorized with a new pair of vintage earrings and my Belle Blossom rose.

I also retrimmed my bangs into a slightly different shape so I can really rock this off to the side bang and I love them!

Originally, I had planned to wear a fab hat with this outfit but after helping set up Thursday night and a quick check of the weather to see that it was, in fact, to be just as hot on Friday, I nixed that idea. Friday arrived just as hot and humid as expected which is just peachy for an outdoor event with no ac! Then in the late afternoon, a crazy thunderstorm rolled through. My husband called me from work worried about me because he just saw a roof get blown off a building across from where he works. I was at home sewing away and completely oblivious to the fact that it was even raining.

But the crazy weather caused the temperature to drop 30 degrees. I ended up bringing (and wearing) a sweater! Two other local events had to be canceled, one because their stage was damaged. Thankfully, our concert stage and equipment was undamaged. The event was fabulous! The weather was now perfect. There were two awesome bands and a sword swallower before the fireworks and tons of people showed up for food and games! And to top it off, one of my friends got proposed to! Really, it was so awesome how God made everything work out!


  1. That dress is so cute and looks very versatile. I would love to have one like that in a novelty print.

  2. I love this dress! fantastic job!

  3. That dress is too cute. It's on my To-Sew list.

  4. Happy fourth of july! I have this pattern in my stash and these pictures might just be the thing I need to get started on this one! I'm a elementary school teacher and my goal is to make a couple of "vintage" frocks to wear to school - I've had to stop wearing originals because kids to terrible things to your clothes :)

  5. What a charmingly lovely dress! You look so pretty, dear gal - love your hair, too, the side swept bangs are terrific.

    ♥ Jessica