Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Promaballoona: Muslin the first

I am making a fabulous party dress. I blame Oona. She had to go and throw a prom themed virtual b-day party for herself and I have nothing to wear.

 What I did have is 5.5 yds of fabulous deep midnight blue party dress appropriate fabric and since I had the fabric in my stashed, I splurged on a vintage pattern worthy of Promaballona.

I was planning on doing the black view with the huge bow in the back but the bow part is cut on the bias and I'm like 3 yds short so I'll be doing the other view with the small bow in the front. It's dated 5-18-55 on the front.

I also picked up this lovely because I couldn't help it I might need a back up pattern that used less fabric. The shoulder treatments read so 40s but the silhouette is so 50s. This one is dated 1951.

Anyone know where I can get trim like this? I salvaged it from one of the three ugly prom dresses last year so I only have a bit. It's like rhinestone piping almost. And I adore bling!

Ok, now I must warn you. Ahead, there are leggings, a very messy house and no make up.

Muslin the first:

So this is after grading up to a 34" bust and doing a 1/2" FBA. Not too bad for a first go!

There's some odd wrinkling going on on the side.

And there's some funky puffying out going on in the upper back.

More wrinkles.

I have a problem with tops gaping on the top so when I bend over, everyone can see straight down my top. There's a bit of excess fabric on the neckline but not too much.

 Changes: I then took 1" out of the center front of the bodice front and took a bit out of the center top of the back.

Much nicer. I will be adding that 1" back at the side seams in the hip area.

Still weirdness in the back. I think I needed to take more in further down.

And here's some slouching to test for ease of movement. I'm afraid of over fitting the back and not being able to move.

Yup, that upper back still needs some work.

And the hips are riding up again.

But the front neckline is all better! woot!

Thanks for hanging in there.


  1. These dress patterns are ahhhmazing! I wish I had somewhere to go just so I could make a fancy dress.

    Thanks for sharing your mulin images. I'm a sewing geek and I love seeing what changes you can make to fix various fitting issues. :)

  2. Love this, I want to make a vintage prom dress for m daughters but she is only nine months.

  3. Love both of those wonderful vintage patterns! Sorry that this dress is giving you so many hassles though, fingers crossed that it turns out in the end, as I sense there is something absolutely gorgeous in the works here.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. OH THIS IS GOING TO BE FABULOUS. i love your action test shots!!

    1. Haha! Just wait till you see the action shots from muslin the second!

  5. Looks great!
    I am TOTALLY in love with that 1951 pattern!!! Added to my wish list :)