Monday, July 9, 2012

A Wearing History Kind of a Day

The weather has finally hit a bit of a dip in the temperature department. So instead of dressing for triple digits this weekend, I got to dress for highs in the 90s.

Cool was the name of the game so I opted for light cotton pieces. The blouse is made from Wearing History's Smooth Sailing pattern and the skirt is based on Wearing History's Sailor Playsuit pattern.

I whipped the skirt up Saturday evening and here are the facts.

Fabric: broadcloth of some kind (given to me by a friend)
 Pattern: Wearing History's Sailor Playsuit but I took out the button placket in favor of a side zipper
Year: 1940s
Notions: zipper ($2) (woot for having the perfect pink zip in my stash!)
Time to complete: just a few hours
First worn: July 2012
Wear again? Yup. The zipper is not the most amazing but my theory on zippers is that functional is good enough especially when you only have 1/2" seam allowance. I think it will be a nice basic in my wardrobe if a bright pink can be considered a basic. Somehow, the drafting went arry and my waist band was too small for the skirt. I think part of it was due to not stay stitching so the skirt pieces stretched. I made it work.
Total cost: $2

I had a good hair day too. I think my color is starting to fade already. :( I am going to pick a different shade next time because this one has a blue base and the hubby thinks it's weird.

I've been planning my Costume College wardrobe and it really hit me that a lot of my me made vintage pieces are Wearing History especially in my summer wardrobe!

But with such cute and versatile designs, it's hard not to reach for these patterns again and again!


  1. Very cute!! I have the Smooth Sailing pattern on my cutting table waiting for me to decide what fabric to use for the blouse. I love both the skirt and blouse.

    Sorry you've been having hair coloring issues. I feel your pain. I dye my hair natural black (vs. blue black) but lately it doesn't seem to really take, and I always see myself as having brown hair in photos. Weird. I'm trying another dye next time!

  2. I love the upbeat, beautiful hues in this cute summer outfit. They really remind me (in the best possible kind of way) of the colour in rainbow sherbet.

    Many sweet thanks for all of your blog comments lately, honey, I wholeheartedly appreciate them and hope your week is off to a terrific start!

    ♥ Jessica

  3. what fun colors! Isn't the change is temperature glorious!?