Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This and That

This past weekend, my husband and I shot a wedding. I adore weddings and this one was lovely.

For weddings, I like to tone down my style a bit so I wore a modern me-made dress and a 40s style hair do with dark pink lipstick.

I adore this dress and now that I've fixed the gaping at the back neckline.

Weddings for me always mean a bit of extra pocket money and it's been entirely too long since I had a new Wearing History pattern so I snagged the 1940s apron pattern and the Rita pleated shorts pattern.

Now that my gala dress is finished, I've been working on this 1915 skirt pattern. It's been.... interesting.

The directions are pretty vague and it took me a while to figure out how the closures went. Inside the skirt, I used some grosgrain ribbon for belting.

It hooks together and is covered by a flap. Then there is another flap on each side that close with hook and eyes.

Insanity! How I long for a simple zipper! The waistband ended up too big due to my haphazard attempts at grading so I made it work. Alas, the hook and eyes on this top layer still like to peak out. I hate them so much and can never get them to stay hidden. I'm sorely tempted to try and color them black with a sharpie and call it a day.

Here are all of the buttons for this skirt. Thank goodness they are all decorative so no buttonholes for me!

My birds had fun talking to their reflections in my scissors...

... and playing with my fabric stash book while I was wrestling hooks and eyes.


  1. Looks like you have some fun sewing ahead. I used to own a bird who loved to play with pins...a serious sewing hazard for us both -l0l

  2. Great outfit, dear gal, that bright pink is so cheerfully pretty. Your dress looks comfortable and stylish at the same time, which is always such a plus when shooting on location.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. That's cool that you got to go shoot a wedding! Hope you got great shots there!!

  4. Wow, you're ambitious! It's looking good, though, honestly.

    And a fabric stash book? Do tell!

  5. I know you used to be able to get black hook and eye's. My Grama had loads of hook and eyes. I can't get mine to match up either. I added some to my overalls and you can see them if you look close enough. :-/