Thursday, July 12, 2012

Promaballoona: Muslin the Second

So I actually got a second muslin in yesterday but really, how many muslin shots can I put you through in on day?

 I'm so excited because the shoulders are back on my shoulders! This is such a problem area for me. I always thought that it meant that I needed to do an FBA but maybe not....Before my weight loss, I would take a 36" bust size and do a 3/4" FBA on patterns cut for a B cup. This one is a 34" bust with a 1/2" FBA and I have taken about 2" of of the width in the shoulder area. I think I might try a 32" bust with a 3/4" FBA next time.

I removed 1/2" form the center back and made the seam allowance 1" so I can do a nice pretty lapped zipper and have some fabric to play around with in case weird things happen in the fashion fabric. There's less pooffing in the back but my body is actually shaped like this in the back.

Here's the back. I think I'm going to take maybe another 1/2" off of the very top of the center back and add about 1/2" to the bottom of the center back. There's still a bit of neck gaping and I want a bit more ease in the hip. I'm sure the weight of the skirt will help hold everything down but I want just a bit more ease there.

And the other side!

And me busting some dance moves.

You know, in case I get invited to a black tie dance party I have to be boggie ready.

Now, the skirt of this dress is just pleated to the bodice. The lazy me wants to just used the original pattern piece and just have a slightly less full skirt. My hips at least where this pattern hits are 5" (or 2.5 sizes) larger than the original pattern so I don't know if this would make the pattern entirely too unpooffy in the skirts. Also, this pattern uses facings. I hate facings. They are so fiddly.... Part of me just wants to line the bodice and be done with it. Guess I'll have to check my stash and see what I have.

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