Monday, July 2, 2012

A bit of Carmen Miranda

The weather forecast for Sunday was hot and humid and I'd be spending most of the day without ac, so cool was the main thought behind my wardrobe choices. My Mexican blouse got me in the mood for a little Latin American flair in my outfit.

blouse: Mexico in Epcot
Skirt: me-made Wearing History Sailor Playsuit
Necklace: Charming Charlie
Snood: Arthelia's Attic
Hair flowers: Belle Blossoms

Carmen Miranda always had the most fabulous hats in bright colors so I loaded on the bright hair flowers to give some excitement to my look.

My husband thought it would be fun to have me pose with the birds. They have not spent much time outside and I'm not sure they appreciated the excursion much but they were so cute!

It's been so hot and humid that I've been wearing snoods a lot lately. My hair is finally long enough to sort of fill out a snood again! Woot!

I also wore my 40s tourist style wedges. I love all of the colors which means I can wear them with just about anything.

 How are you beating the summer heat?


  1. Summer? Heat? What's that?
    Been rather damp here over the pond....

  2. I haven't been beating the heat so much as wilting in it. :) Cincinnati is far too hot and humid.

  3. very cute and comfy. I need to get myself a blouse like yours. Your parakeets are really pretty.

  4. We've locked ourselves indoors with new curtains to block out the sun and heat. I told my husband, it's like we're apocalypse survivors- only coming out at night to get our supplies! :P

  5. I actually have a pattern for a similar snood and I'm pretty eager to make it. I think we've been at triple digits for about a week and apparently it's going to stay this way. Though I heard back in the 80s the midwest had a similar drought/heatwave. So it's just a phase. Hopefully next year will be better.

  6. So cute! Where'd you get your shoes?

  7. Lovely outfit! I like to wear this style a lot and also wear a lot of snoods lately when I don't feel like wearing hats!
    No heat here in France only bad weather with a lot of storms and rain.... hard to plan something for next WE!

  8. What a fabulous, summery look! I'm all for colour any time of the year, but especially adore it when the mercury skyrockets, and just adore how you imbued your outfit with it here.

    ♥ Jessica