Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Stash Busting Progress

Over Christmas break, I organized and cataloged my sewing stash and have been working hard to stash bust! I have a hard copy but also put all of my fabric into a handy spread sheet so now I can make pretty graphs in Excel!

Ok, so Stash 2011 is the fabric that was in my stash at the end of 2011. Stash 2012 is all of the fabric that has been in my stash at some point in time this year and remaining is what is currently in my stash right now. As you probably could have guessed, most of my fabric is garment weight with a bit of quilting and home dec thrown in.

 Here's a better break down of what's in my stash right now. Garment 56 yds, quilting 12 yds, home dec 9 yds. I'd like to keep the quilting fabric in my stash down. I don't do much home dec sewing either but some most of that is for costuming.

 And this is a break down of the fabric I've actually used this year! 35 yds garment fabric, 21 yds quilting fabric and 2 yds home dec for a total of 58 yds. Wow! And the year's only half over! Now, I do have a few UFOS lying around that this includes but I think I'm doing pretty good. Alas, I'm only down 3 yds from where I started at the beginning of the year but I've still got another six months to work on it!

I pledged not to buy any fabric over the summer except for Renaissance projects and so far I'm doing good on that score. My husband did buy me some fabric but I don't think that counts.... I didn't plan on making an entire new Renaissance dress and I still have like 8 yds of fabric set aside for that that hasn't been used.

How's your stash doing so far this year?


  1. Wow you're awesome!! I can't seem to do any stash busting lately, except the odd notions or scarp of interfacing. I think you've inspired me to take inventory and get rid of some stuff!!

  2. I guess not having a lot in my 'stash' {actually it's an insult to even call it that because I barely have anything} works very much to my favor. I'm not good at these chart things.

  3. I'm really enjoying sewing from my stash at the moment, I've rediscovered some old purchases which has been very inspiring. There's nothing I like more than being able to make an entire garment without having go out to get a zipper or buttons to complete it.

  4. This is a fantastic idea, way to go! I'm sort of doing the same thing with my paper crafting supplies this year (and likely well into the next), especially since my budget for such things is pretty much nonexistent in the wake of all our costly moving expenses earlier this year. Not that I really mind, it's fantastic to rediscover things you'd bought quite a while ago and all but forgotten about and/or to come up with creative ways to stretch your staple ideas.

    ♥ Jessica