Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Adventures in Hair Dye Removal Part 2

Ok, so here is part 2-the reveal plus the dye! Enjoy!

And I finally figured out how to add little links to my video! *pats self on back* :)


  1. I'm so pleased to hear the Vitamin C and dandruff shampoo worked. That way if I ever, and I'm sure it'll be a while, decide to dye my hair again and then change my mind on a whim I'll just use this method.

    Btw- you have such pretty hair. I think we have very similar color after seeing it at the beginning of the video.

  2. Very interesting to see how it went for you. I've been planning to get the dye pulled out of my hair by a professional to go back to around my natural mediumish brown color (but not doing natural...too much grays, ha ha). I know my hair is too long and had too much of the length dyed too many times to hope to be able to take care of it myself, unfortunately.

  3. So cool! I was eagerly waiting to see the second half of this great hair colour removal howto. This method of removing dye should be publicized so much more than it is. Thanks again for the introduction to it!

    ♥ Jessica