Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fix It

Do you ever have projects that don't go horribly wrong, but just aren't quite right either? This dress was one for me. It's been in the "to fix" pile for over a year and this weekend I finally dug it out and tweaked it.

The waistline ended up at a weird level between empire and natural waisted so I moved it more in the empire direction. The back also gaped a lot so I took it in.

It's still not perfect but I think it looks better, especially with a vintage belt.

My hair is kind of in a weird grow out phase so I've been wearing hats more often. They cover any hair weirdness plus keep your head warm.

My faux fur booties were also a must on such a chilly day!

Overall, I'm glad this dress is wearable again! Maybe this will inspire me to dig more into my "to fix" pile so I can have some more pieces in my winter wardrobe.


  1. Great work on breathing new life into a project that you weren't totally happy with it. I think it looks really lovely - so perfect for cold weather layering.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Yep, I have a pile like that that I hope to work on soon.... I understand! Your dress looks great though!
    I also love your fur booties. Pretty amazing.

  3. I think it was worth the effort to fix it. It looks lovely. It's such a great layering piece to have for the colder months.