Monday, February 25, 2013

Prepping for a Vintage Trip

Packing for a trip is always a lot of work and just like most things, it takes a bit more effort for us vintage gals especially when you are just starting out. Planning is key!

Step 1: Pack

This is me packing for a weekend trip to a photography conference! I love laying out my outfits if I've got enough space. If not, I write out my outfits on paper though I might take them out one at a time for a closer look. If you have an itinerary or general idea of the activities/social events you'll be going to, that helps a lot!

If I was going on a cruise, I'd need different outfits than if I was road tripping to State Parks. If you don't have specific list of activities, try to come up with a list of likely events- casual day events, parties, dinners out, outdoor activities, etc. Consider which which activities are vintage friendly, which are me-made friendly and which might be more appropriate for repro or modern pieces.On my trip, I'd have one day of travel, two days of classes and one evening social event.

Once you have your activities, decide how many outfits you'll need. Will you want to change outfits during the day or perhaps bring a day-to-evening outfit with different accessories? Can you wear something more than once on a trip? For long trips, I prefer mix and match separates but for short trips, I'd rather bring really different outfits and bring one set of accessories that can go with more than one outfit since accessories are less likely to make an impact than an outfit.

Here's my outfits again. The left two dresses are my day dresses and the right dress is my evening dress. The outer two dresses are jersey which is great for travel since they won't wrinkle!

Next, start thinking about accessories for your outfits-shoes, tights/hoes, belts, jewelry, hat, hair accessories. And don't forget undergarments! Does one of your dresses need a special bra? Will you bring a sip or crinoline? Might you be inside where the ac could be on? Pack a cardigan or too!

For my trip I picked a black belt that could be worn with any of my dresses, just two pair of shoes and one pair of black tights. I also decided to bring just my small crinoline so it wouldn't take up valuable suitcase real estate. I also chose a classic faux pearl necklace and earrings that would go with any of my outfits.

Then go pack! I got all of my clothes into my small vintage suitcase and the gold bag held all of my modern stuff-toiletries, curling iron, laptop, stuff to do in the car, etc.

Step 2: Prep your hotel room

I know that once you hit the hotel room, you'll either be super tired and want to crash or so excited and ready to start on your vacation but prepping your hotel room will be essential to making your vintage look easy to maintain on your trip!

Most hotel rooms have a closet so hang up your clothes right away to prevent unnecessary wrinkles. If you need to and have time, iron anything that needs it right way so that it's all ready to go! If there's not an iron in your room or you are running short on time, try hanging the wrinkled garment in the bathroom while you shower and the steam will help remove the wrinkles!

I also organized my shoes and stowed my suitcases in the closet so they'd be out of the way!

Don't forget to prep the bathroom with all of your beauty and hair products so you're ready to go the next morning! Plus this is a great way to discover if you've forgotten something important-like your hair brush! *facepalm*

Also, be on the look out for great photo locations! If nothing else, the bathroom mirror tents to be handy!

Step 3: Enjoy your vacation!

Now you're all set to enjoy your trip! Your plan will help with outfit decisions but feel free to switch it up if something isn't working! All that prep will help loads on busy mornings when you are tired and need to get going early.

Do you have any trip packing tips?


  1. Excellent packing and traveling tips! Now granted I'm not able to travel very often these days, but in my younger days, I loved to travel whenever possible and found that sticking with a very matchy-matchy colour palette was a great way to cut down on unintentionally packing (much) more than was actually needed. If everything (or almost) everything coordinates well, you don't have to spend nearly as much time thinking about your outfits once you've arrived. Just grab any number of pieces that suit your day and you're good to go! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  2. This is a great post, Stephanie! I am planning a vintage wardrobe series and would love to link this to it, if I could? :-)

  3. I'm also packing this week for a spring break trip! Good tips!
    I'm putting everything for the whole week into a carry on. Yes, a little carry on. I'm still pondering how to make it possible, but it will definitely include outfit planning and stuff like you've done! I'll have a post next week on how it turns out...... Hopefully as well as your packing has gone! You look great!