Saturday, February 9, 2013

Spring Fever

On Thursday, I got double surprises as my hubby surprised me with ballet tickets and my Christmas American Duchess 23skidoo shoes (also from the hubby) arrived! :D


Even though these shoes are 20s/30s styles, I paired them with a 50s circle skirt and hat. The weather ended up being unseasonably warm and that springy feeling came out in my wardrobe choices.

After posting about brooches this week, I felt inspired to wear one of mine! It was my great-grandmother's but since I received it after she passed I'm not sure how old it is.

These shoes were sooo fun to wear. The entire time, I felt like bursting into a crazy dance number.

I had plans to make a 30s dress especially to go with these shoes but I've been so busy with school that it hasn't happened yet! It's going to be more of a summer weight dress anyways, so it's ok.


  1. Love the whole outfit! I'm in St Louis and the weather here has been quite warm lately. It's gotten colder this week but I'm also already planning those spring sewing projects. I really want to make that 30's vogue outfit with the dress, jacket and jabot. And since you said those shoes are really comfortable, Im going to have to save and get a pair- they're gorgeous!!

  2. Gorgeous outfit and shoes! They look so, so good on you! (I want a pair even more than ever now :) ).

    Have a terrific weekend, hon!
    ♥ Jessica

  3. beautiful outfit, i envy you on ensemble and weather!! and ballet... okay, on everything.

  4. Oh, good shoes, good shoes. I hope the ballet was fun!

  5. Your outfit is beautiful and the shoes look great!

  6. Those are some great pics! And the shoes are very pretty! Rich and I love going to the symphony there, let us know if you ever want to go. :)

  7. Squee! You look excellent (as always) and I love how you styled the shoes!

  8. Hi! I'm a chemist too! Great blog!