Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Traveling in Style (sort of)

Ladies of the past may have traveled in style but when I'm going to be traveling by car I prefer to be comfy! So my Freddies were an easy choice.

These are my new black pleated pants! Pardon the wrinkles, they did road trip with me.

I also wore a green cardigan, orange top and my chic old lady gardening shoes.

This fountain was in our hotel and it was gorgeous! :D

Can I just say how much I love these pants! Freddies of Pinewood jeans are pricey especially to have them shipped over seas but I just adore them. So happy to finally have another pair that fits!

Yay pants!


  1. Your new Freddies look fantastic! Love the cuffed hems and red flats together - very cute travel outfit!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Fantastic!! I love the combo of the orange and green. It's a good thing we're different size, or I might have to steal this from you. ;-)

  3. When it comes to jeans, I'm pretty basic (Gap straight-legs), but you got me curious to look at Freddie's of Pinewood, and I have my own squee -- they are based in Frinton-on-Sea, which is where my in-laws just moved. We're in the US, so not sure when we'll get over to see them, but now I'm wondering if they have a shop there . . .

    1. You know, I have no idea if they have a physical store.