Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mxing Up Some Old Favorites

New clothes are so fun but sometimes it's nice to slip on an old favorite that you know will look great.

This circle skirt is one of the first few things I ever sewed and I still love it!

It's lost some of it's luster but it's still got plenty of life left in it.

My bangs are getting to be an odd length so I clipped them back with a bow.

The problem with cutting your own bangs is that sometimes you have an oops. I cut my bang area too deep a while back so I really must grow them all out before I even think about cutting them again.

Anyways, whenever my husband and I shoot a wedding, I always pretend to be the bride (and party) so he can test out lighting etc.

It's pretty fun sometimes.

What is your old favorite outfit that you pull out over and over?


  1. That skirt is sooooo pretty! I just love chocolate and pink together.

    There are few pieces and outfits I reach for time and time again, such as my black velvet 50s pencil skirt (it's the LBD of my skirts), a purple 70s does 40s jersey dress (comfiest thing ever!), and my beloved Freddies jeans (especially during these nippy winter months).

    Wishing you and your husband a joyful Valentine's celebration!
    ♥ Jessica

  2. How cute! I do love that circle skirt. Okay, now I am getting that urge to sew one up. Grrr!! I think I have ADD, or I still do from when I was a girl.

    1. They are super easy to draft and sew up. The longest part is letting it hang for 48 hours to let the bias set.

  3. Lovely outfit - I really like the colourful touches!

  4. Lovely outfit - I really like the colourful touches!