Thursday, February 28, 2013

Learning how to pose

On the first day of the photography conference, one on wedding photography and one on general photography. Both classes talked a lot about posing so I decided to try it out in my shots!

Do I look thinner to you?

One tip was to do something with your hands. No dead arms!

Also, keep them away from your sides to make you look thinner.

Don't stand straight on to the camera.

Aim the hips back a little then lean forward.

And keep your chin up to accentuate the neck.

Above all, make the girl look pretty!


  1. I love your dress. Cute print!

    I always look terrible in photo's - the face lets me down. But the ones I look least terrible is when I'm at an angle and not looking at the camera.

  2. Ooh, yay! I'm trying to learn about posing, too, so any more hints are great!

  3. Wow really does make a difference! I will have to take these tips!

  4. I will definitely have to try this in my next photo shoot.

  5. Very flattering photos! The first picture is my favorite.


  6. You look so adorable in that hair! It reminded me of a pic I saw once, and I think the actress was Jean Simmons -- I think you should do this look more often!

  7. You look so, so beautiful! I adore that dress and the rest of your outfit to no end. These photos are very becoming (the first and last are my personal faves).

    ♥ Jessica