Friday, June 6, 2014

16th Century Sewing Plans (Again)

I've been tweaking my historical costuming plans again. With the Renaissance Festival fast approaching, I know I need to prioritize and plan so I can get stuff done.

I wanted to make some sort of outerwear and I've decided on a linen jacket like this:

There's a pattern in the Tudor Tailor that looks really great for this sort of jacket. Plus layers are great for all day events.

I also really want to make an apron. Since I hate blackwork, I think I'll try some lace insertion.

See pretty lace work aprons!! (source: left, right by Jennifer Kluska)

I also have this great striped fabric that I bought ages ago for that Simplicity pattern. Now that I know better I want to make something more historically accurate. Thankfully, the fabric is a lighter weight than I remember and there's more of it than I remember so I'm going to make a dress!

The Italians did wear stripy garments like these two girls. (Giovanni Antonio Fasolol, c. 1560s: Paola Gualdo and Daughters)

And look at those great sleeves!

I also really like these dresses! ("Three Children with Dog" by Sofonisba Anguissola c. 1590)

Lily of Mode de Lis did a fabulous recreation based on this portrait.

I won't be doing a recreation of any particular portrait but borrowing details from different ones to make my own dress. The first part of this project will be to make a bodied petticoat to wear under the dress. I could use my wool kirtle but I want something lighter to wear on warmer days. (And in Florida!)

Eeep! I'm super excited for faire season!


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