Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Disney Day!

I was lucky enough to spend my birthday at Epcot this year!

I'm a huge Disney nerd but even at 25, there's no place better to spend your birthday than the happiest place on earth.

Epcot is my favorite Disney park because I love the countries! I've always wanted to travel to Europe.

Not to mention that you get to eat all of this amazing food! nom nom nom.

I opted to wear this great vintage dress since it was light weight and cool. It was 90F the day we went.

I purchased the parasol in China and it was great for keeping the sun off of my face.

We had such a blast running around like big kids all day!

For dinner, we ate at Chefs de France and had yummy French food.

It's the less fancy of the two French sit down restaurants but it is still really nice.

I just love Disney!


  1. Love your dress, your parasol your pixie haircut. Is your birthday tofay (June 3rd)? Mine is! Enjoy the marvelous weather. I'm from Switzerland, and we have currently rather warm and sunny weather, but it's constantly changing with clouds, so I usually don't know what to wear.

    I am joining the vintage play suit sew along, so thanks for the inspiration, otherwise I probably would never have made it. :-)

    1. Happy Birthday! Mine was back on May 7th. May was a super busy month for me so that's why I'm so late posting birthday photos.

      And I'm so excited that you are joining the sew along! :D

  2. Such a wonderful dress- you look like such a lady! Alex


  3. Your dress is absolutely gorgeous!!! Happy birthday wishes, darling gal!

    ♥ Jessica

  4. You remind me of Mary Margaret in these photos. Cute!

  5. That's such a gorgeous dress. I'm glad your birthday was such a fun one.

  6. How fantastic! And you look just lovely! I love Disney, too. What a happy birthday!