Monday, June 30, 2014

Orange You Glad It's Summer?

I'm not entirely sure how it happened, but orange has become my unofficial color for summer 2014.

Maybe it's the move to Florida but when I saw this orange fruit filled skirt at Pin Up Girl Clothing, I had to have it.

Especially since I already had this orange blouse in the works for my playsuit! Speaking of playsuits, I've been bad and not gotten any proper photos of mine yet. I'm sure some of you ladies are in the same predicament, so we'll do the wrap up/link sharing party on July 7th. This way, we all have a few more days to get photos, write blogs and post to Flickr!

Ok, back to this outfit! I've seen this skirt styled a lot with dark green which does look nice but I wanted a brighter color palette for summer!

It's finally hot now. Not too hot for me, just a nice comfortable cozy sort of warm. (Which, of course, means everyone else is sweating buckets.)

I didn't have any orange or green gloves to match (and it's almost impossible to find vintage white gloves that are still actually white) so I went with yellow. There is quite a bit of yellow in some of these oranges plus I got to wear one of my favorite yellow hats.

I'm sure I'll be wearing this outfit loads this summer because even my hubby loves it! Apparently, it's not as "old lady" as I usually like.

The blouse is Butterick 7641 c. 1958 which I have made before but in the short sleeved version.

I was a bit nervous that this view would be a bra strap showing version, but my fears were all for naught since they stay safely hidden! :D

What fruits do you love to wear in the summer?


  1. Oh, I love this outfit, it's so cheerful! And the yellow gloves and hat are the perfect accents!

    I've been wearing a cherry (realistic looking) skirt I made last year, but I have some lemon print fabric I can't wait to do something's just a matter of making up my mind, haha.

  2. You look seriously fabulous!!! I love orange (and all the more so since it's Tony's favourite hue), but feel that it often doesn't get enough fashion love, especially when it's not October. You're rocking it awesomely here and look just as pretty as can be in your citrus hued (and print) outfit.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. PUG is amazing! I don't any pieces just yet but I am planning on it hehe You look smashing! xox

  4. I love your skirt! It would be so perfect for So. CA. Funny thing is I noticed I recently have been buying modern blouses with orange colors. Must be the NEW fashion color.

  5. Oh, that skirt is adorable, and I love the way you've styled it! Citrus prints are my favorite - they're just so summery and cute, and remind me of my grandparents' house in Los Angeles with the lemon tree in the backyard. There's a Stella McCartney citrus print silk charmeuse that I've been eyeing for over a year, and it might be time to finally take the plunge and get a few yards!


  6. How funny- because I've been finding myself very attracted to orange this summer, too! It's nice to hear of someone else with the same leanings, because I frequently get opinions of extreme distaste when I mention my penchant for orange hues this summer. So sad. They don't know all the fun they're missing! ;-)

  7. What a very cute skirt, love this. It is funny you are thinking of fruit. I was thinking to myself a couple of weeks ago, if I were to wear a fruit skirt, what would it be? Although yellow isn't quite my color, I love lemons. Maybe I should just go for it and buy a lemon themed skirt. I like cherries but honestly, there is so much out there with cherries on and I'd like a less common fruit. I also find the fruit basket bags quite charming. You've styled it just beautifully.

  8. Beautiful skirt -- beautiful look!

  9. That skirt is wonderful, what a perfect print for summer.
    And I love the way you've styled it with the gloves and the orange
    blouse. (:

  10. i love orange as a main focus color. really this skirt can be worn with a variety of colors like green, being my favorite color, as well.

  11. My husband loves orange too, but it's definitely not the colour for a redhead like me... But it looks fabulous on you! I love the fruit print, it looks definitely like the perfect summer skirt!

    I posted some pics of my still unfinished play suit just a couple of hours ago on Flickr. My mom broke her hip and we spent the weekend more or less with her at the hospital. I'll give my best to finish zoo! :-)

  12. I've been contemplating this skirt! I have a huge passion for oranges! It's adorable on you! But like Doris Button there said, orange isn't exactly my best color either as a redhead.


  13. I just love that skirt! It pairs perfect with your blouse! I love orange as well this summer!

  14. Great outfit!
    I don't usually wear fruit prints although I do like bright colours.
    Despite being strawberry blond, I can wear orange and I like it but I don't think I'll wear any until autumn. I'm Dutch and it's a World Cup year... which means that on the streets here, you get swamped in ugly orange things.