Monday, June 16, 2014

Playing Around

Ohio has been having crazy weather, as usual. After a freakishly long winter, an almost non-existant spring and a taste of summer, spring finally arrived wet and chilly in the middle of June. Oy.

When we finally got a day that was warm and rain free, I just had to celebrate with a bright outfit!

I just adore my patio dress and I'm on a mission to wear it loads this summer.

I grabbed the opportunity for a shoot on the playground when I saw it was momentarily kid free.

Tada! For some reason, I thought it would be a fun idea to balance on the see-saw in my wedges.

I didn't end up getting hurt so I guess it was an ok idea after all.

I actually made this patio dress from some old curtains that used to belong to a friend. They were moving and didn't want them any more.

So I loaded up on vintage ric rac and whipped them up into a playsuit.

I pretty much stay in the same styling box when it comes to this outfit. But it's so loud on it's own that I don't think it can really handle too many accessories!

Do you have a patio dress?


  1. You are sunshine that's been eluding your area in this fabulous yellow patio dress! There isn't a scene or mood this great vintage frock wouldn't perk up.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I just love the rick rack and the color! Perfect!

  3. So cute! And on the see/saw in wedges, what a feat!

  4. Patio dress! *sigh* I adore the patio dress/ric-rac combo, so kitsch and vintage perfect! The color looks great on you, so very vibrant and I'm impressed that you sewed on so much trim. It is fabulous though, so good work. ♡

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  5. I have some patio dress patterns and thought about making on this summer, but I doubt I will have time... But I love them so much! Summer is in full swing here after a very mild winter and very warm spring, so maybe after finishing my playsuit, there's still some time to make a patio dress as well.

    Yellow is not my colour, but I love it so much on you - looks great with your hair! And I love particularly the blouse, what pattern did you use? It's lovely! Did you use cotton roc-rac?

    Sunny regards from very warm Switzerland, Doris

  6. What a darling patio dress! And how brilliant of you to make them from old curtains!

    And, yes, I have like five! I adore them!


  7. I love it! It's so cute! And how much better to have made it out of curtains! You're like a southwestern 1950s Scarlett O'Hara!