Monday, June 23, 2014

Dirndl Skirt Sew Along: Buttons and Buttonholes

This is the last part of our dirndl skirt sew along! You still have till July 1st to finish up your playsuit. There have been some lovelies popping up on the Flickr page!


  1. I made a kind of dirndl skirt too for my VPSA project, but I decided to make no proper button placket, but to make a self-facing, and instead of gathering the skirt I made pleats. It makes me feel more comfortable when I attach the skirt to the waistband, because each time when I gather so much fabric, as you point out as well, there's always something that goes wrong.

    I love the fabric you're using on the skirt. What's the name of it?

    By the way, I suspect my little son - he's 2 and a half - is in love with you. Each time I sit down to watch your videos, he comes running, wants to sit on my lap and watch with me. :-)

    1. It's a Michael Miller print called "A Shore Thing"/