Saturday, June 28, 2014

Fit for a Princess

There's a part of me that's pretty sure that I was supposed to be born a princess.

Specifically, a Disney princess because the best things always seem to happen to them.

So when Pin Up Girl Clothing launched a line of fairy tale inspired pieces, I fell instantly in love with the Sleeping Beauty inspired pieces!

I ended up choosing the pink color way instead of the blue because pink is princess-y but I did love the subtle hint at the make it pink make it blue bit from the Disney version.

I also snagged this darling purse (and a few other goodies) during their fabulous 15th anniversary sale. So far I'm very happy with this recent wardrobe splurge!

I love the 50s inspired shape of this bag and the fact that it is big enough to fit all of my stuff.

A basic black top and a pink hat finish off this outfit.

Pretty, pretty princess Stephanie!


  1. That skirt is absolutely darling! Sleeping Beauty has always been my favorite. :-)

  2. You look fab! I've never really identified with Disney princesses, I've always wanted to be an old Hollywood movie star, but what girl can resist such wonderful clothes and accessories?! x

  3. i dream of having at least one pug clothing item in my closet. le sigh!

  4. You look sensational!!! That skirt speaks to my inner princess as well and is a piece I'd love to add to my wardrobe one day, too.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. You look just lovely in that skirt, and that purse is absolutely to-die-for! I love the color and the shape. Perfectly '50s!


  6. PUG's prints are always so darling! And it looks fab on you!