Friday, June 27, 2014

Hair, Hair, Hair

Oh, me and my hair! I love it then I hate it. I make snap decisions to change it. I worry about it for weeks without making a decision! I want it short. I want it long.


Well, at the moment, I want it long again so it's time for a grow out. I'm going to try and do a better job of documenting the grow out process this go around. (If you are new to the blog, I had a pixie cut fall/winter 2012 and then grew it out winter/spring 2013.) So I'll be doing regular youtube videos on my progress the first of which will be at the end of this post.

I didn't get a chance to talk much about why I got the pixie, what I liked/disliked about having it and why I decided to grow it out. That would have been waaaaaaay to long of a video! So that's what this post is devoted to.

Part 1: Getting the Chop

This past winter was horrid! We didn't really warm up for good until May. I usually get a bit of seasonal depression in the winter and bad winter = bad seasonal depression. My hair was being rather uncooperative. And I needed a change.

Also, I was already thinking about the trip to Florida and the vow renewals. Last time I visited Florida on vacation, it was serious pin curl fail every day. So pixie cut it was!

Part 2: Living with the Chop

Having a pixie cut was awesome! It was so easy to style. A pixie may take more work to style than a modern long style which you can always throw into a pony tail but it's much less work than pin curling. Especially since I didn't have to do anything at night.

It was pretty much a weather proof style as well. I no longer feared rain, wind or humidity-all enemies of the pin curl set. Ah, it was glorious.

But something started to happen. My casual go with anything pixie started causing me to dress more and more casually on a day to day basis. Before I knew it, I was living in shorts and t-shirts when not at work or planning on an outfit post.

Even when I dressed vintage, I didn't feel the way I did when I had longer hair.

Part 3: Deciding Against the Chop

So that's when I decided to grow out my pixie. During my last pixie, I planned out the grow out so that it would be during the winter when I could wear loads of hats. Alas, I'll be doing the worst part of this grow out during the hottest moths of the year.

Part 4: The Grow Out Plan

So here's my grow out plan!


  1. I totally agree - having a pixie cut does give off a different vibe than having long hair when wearing vintage. I sometimes feel that I still look "modern" while wearing vintage! I often have to be careful about wearing vintage or I might end up looking Japanese lolita ahahahah :) I have a love-hate relationship with my hair too! Keep updating me! I've thought about growing it out for too long!

  2. I think short hair looks/looked incredibly becoming and timeless on you, but can wholeheartedly relate to what you mean about how shorter lengths felt at odds, at times, with your overall vintage aesthetic and wish you a speedy grow out.

    ♥ Jessica