Saturday, June 14, 2014

Crafting a Wedding Dress

Having wasted loads of time spent hours researching on pinterest, I knew exactly what I wanted to make for my wedding dress on the beach!

Being a beach wedding, I wanted something comfortable, not too hot and oh so cute!

Having already spotted this great vintage wedding dress on etsy

And the pattern (c. 1947) it was made from, I had a plan!

So I ordered up 12 yds of cotton lawn (since I knew I'd have to at least double each layer for modesty!) and got sewing!

The actual sewing of the dress was quite easy especially since I found a copy of the pattern in my magic size 15 (Bust 33).

Originally, I had wanted to do flowers under the bustle like in the vintage dress, but I never found any I liked so ocean blue ribbon it was!

Veil/ Vintage Box 1947
Earrings/ Sparkle Lux
Parasol/ Epcot
Pattern/ Wearing History

What's your dream wedding dress look like?

Photography (c) Charity K Photography unless otherwise noted


  1. Breathtakingly, timelessly beautiful wedding dress!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I love how you were able to find a pattern that so resembled what you are looking for. A beauty of a dress. The shoulders are so pretty and this dress was meant for dancing around on the beach:) So happy for you and your wonderful romantic adventure:)

    1. I actually found the matching pattern and dress long before I decided to make my version so I had it easy!

  3. So simple and beautiful! I love it!
    All your pictures from that day reflect happiness!!!

  4. That really is a dream of a dress. You look wonderful in it! I have about 5 versions of a dream dress in my head, all depending on time of year, location of imaginary wedding, and budget! x

  5. Perfect for a beach vow renewal!

  6. I'll be making mine also, I already have the lace which is a baby blue, and it'll a 50s style poofy skirted dress :)
    We won't be getting married for a couple of years so I have to decide whether or not to keep my pink hair for it or dye it red!